How do I Apply for Reinstatement?

Administratively dissolved? No worries! You can apply for reinstatement online through Fast Track Filing! Follow the steps below to find out how!

Step One:

First, go to our website at 

Login to your account and go into the Business Filings tab to File a Document.

"Home" Screen, which shows the Communication Center & Access to the Resource Center

NOTE: If you were administratively dissolved due to your duration expiring, you will have to file by paper. Please contact our office for the paperwork to be sent to you with the appropriate code section for an amendment. If you were administratively dissolved for failure to file your Biennial Report, you can file online with these instructions.

Step Two:

Scroll down the File a Document page until you get down to Existing Entities. You will look for Application for Reinstatement. This should be in alphabetical order.

Existing Entities Page-- Application for Reinstatement Circled

Step Three:

You will search by either your business name or business number.

Business Entities Search Box

Step Four:

The first part of the Reinstatement page will ask you to fill in your tax I.D. number and sign at the bottom. If you aren't sure what your tax I.D. number is, you can learn more at this link: 

Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) | Internal Revenue Service (

If you read that article and still aren't certain what your tax I.D. number is, please consult your accounting or legal advisor.

NOTEThis number will be public record and visible to anyone on our website.

Application for Reinstatement Form-- contains name, dissolution date, reapplication name, tax I.D. number, and signature fillable fields


NOTE: Profit Corporations are required to have an EIN listed for reinstatement.

You will read and mark the paragraph regarding your understanding of the filing and using an electronic signature and select your title and type in your signature.

Step Five:

After hitting Review & Pay, you will be directed to a review page. This will give you a chance to review the information before it is submitted to Iowa Workforce Development.

Step Six:

The next page will notate that your filing has been submitted for review by Iowa Workforce Development. You should receive an email with their decision.

Attention statement-- review by Iowa Workforce Development required, click "Ok" to submit filing to IWD, click "cancel" to not submit.

If rejected, the email will list the reason and include the PDF of the rejection
letter. You will need to contact that office to resolve any issues before submitting another request.

If approved, you will be provided a link to continue your filing. If that link does not work, go back into your dashboard under the business filings tab on your Fast Track Filing account and your filing should say, ready to resume filing.” Click on the name of the company for that reinstatement filing and it will pull up a page confirming approval which includes a button that says Continue Filing.

Step Seven:

Once you hit continue filing, the system will generate the required biennial reports you will need to file to reinstate. There will be an optional Change of Registered agent/office form available after you have reviewed the reports.

Step Eight:

You will then be brought to a final review page. You should see + signs beside each filing on the review. Click on each of these + signs to mark the filing as “reviewed.”

Application for Reinstatement Filing Process-- Review All Information & Proceed to Payment Button

NOTE: You will need to click all the + signs to mark each filing as reviewed. Even if you skipped the change of agent/office form, you would still need to click that + to activate the Proceed to Payment button.

Step Nine:

You will add the filings to your cart, select your payment method, and submit to file. Once our office reviews these filings, you will receive notification by email when your filing is complete.